Company Basic Information

Siam Industry and Manufacturer Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies in sheet metal work fabrication in Thailand, established since 1970 by Khum Chai Somnimit With registered capital of 36,000,000 Baht.

Our professional management and production team are highly qualified with over 4 decades of experience in this business. The company provides full line of high quality electrical and electronics related product such as Control Cabinet, Electronic box and special OEM.

We aim to keep developing and providing a variety of world-class quality products by professional R&D team to serve the best ot thai and foreign customers' needs

  • Address :: 74, Bangkra-Dee road, Sa-Mae-Dum, Bangkun-Tien, Bangkok 10150 Tel. +66(2) 452-1800 Fax. +66(2)452-1792 E-Mail ::
  • Established :: May 1970 Shareholder : 100% owned by Thai shareholders
  • Overall area :: 12,135 sq.m. Factory area : 8,740 sq.m. Office area : 3,395 sq.m.
  • Business type : Sheet metal fabrication. Capacity : 5,400 Tons/year. (metal weight).
  • Number of employees : 180 persons. Working hours : 24 hrs/day (Monday-Saturday)
  • Major Export market : Singapore, Great Britain, United State of America, Vietnam.
  • Standard : ISO 9001:2000 Certified and ISO 14001 Certified

CONFRA Modular System

Switchboard The CONFRA modular system switchboard is a construction technique for building all types of casing. The system can be delivered in loose parts or as ready-made constructions for the mounting of e.g. panels, electronic, hydraulic and low voltage equipment.


MDO CONFRA model STRONG is indoor main distribution board using for control electric distribution. Ther are 6 standard sizes. OEM sze can be applied as your selection. It is knock down designed, can be separated and combined as a big MDB. IT is designed for installing bus bar and big equipment. CONFRA model STRONG structure is made from SPCCC 2.0 mm. and panel is made from SPCC 1.5 mm. Moreover, we can produce special material or thick material as your request upto 3.0 mm. It also can separate front door as your request.

We provide the best quality accessories that designed from Germany such as schutzen Lock devices. CONFRA STRONG finishing is powder coated by electro static process. CONFRA's degree of Protection is IP40

19" Rack Electronics & Server Rack

Toensure a longer life span and to save maintenance costs, use our standardized electronics and communications equipment. It helps saving working space, can be installed in your office, can be used as house accessories for facsimile machines, UPS, etc. Accessory power sockets are available in the case. These 19" electronice & Server Rack are manufactured according to EIA standard, which is widely accepted in US and Europe.

Kiosk Information

Kiosk Information is using for install IT equipments, purposing for reduces manpower ofr the routine interaction. Information Kiosk can install IT equipment such as Touch Screen Monitor, Computer , Printer, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS, and etc. We also can produce as OEM according to your demand.

Wall Mounting Cabinet

  • Outdorr Cabinet. To protect your equipments to have a longer life in outdoor, using our standard outdoor cabinet. Our product in made of SPCC 1.5 mm. materials with Epoxy-Polyester coating. Dust and water resistance.
  • Indoor Cabinet. To save working area in the site and save maintenance cost, using our standard indoor cabinet. Our Product is made of SPCC 1.5 mm. materials with Epoxy-Polyester coating.
  • Pull Box Small Cabinet for using in the building. Our product is made of SPCC 0.7 mm. materials with Epoxy-Polyester coating. We can produce any size of enclosures to suit your demand.

Cable trunking System

The QR Type is a standard type with most abundant accessories, both convenient and economical. The size of LR type is larger than the QR thpe, greater in strength and sutiable for installing heavier cables with the widest inside sectional area.

This type is made to order. "S.I.M" Cable trnking and allied accessories, manufactured strictly with compliance to the highesst standards, offers a comprehensive range of metal cable trunking and acessories.

OEM Parts

At S.I.M., we ensure that every piece of work will be taken care by our experienced team. With our modern technology and efficient working system, we can minimize production cost while keep the same quality and that means you will get reasonable price at the highest quality. Moreover, we always keep our promise given to customers thai we will deliver products on time and keep confidentiality on customers' plan and product information.

CP Console System

The CP console modular system cabinets consist of 3 part; upper, middle and lower cabinets. Made to order to meet customer's demand.

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  • Address :: 79/22 Moo 4, Bangkra-Dee road, Sa-Mae-Dum, Bangkun-Tien, Bangkok 10150
  • Tel. +66(2) 452-1800
  • Fax. +66(2)452-1792
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  • Contact Time :: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM